Sunday, August 8, 2010

twinkle toes and icy bones

Yesterday morning about 4:30 my toes
 were buzzing so intensely
 and I awoke so suddenly
 that it took me a few moments
 to remember where I was...

I glanced under the comforter to find
my right foot perpendicular to the sheet
 my left foot leaning on top of it
as if trying to hold it down
my feet were perfectly still
but inside of them
it was as if I had invited
 a company of hummingbirds to perform

Lilirosie, my red poodle, snuggled closer and sighed
she certainly wasn't ready to wake up yet
and she hoped that I wasn't either
I closed my eyes
letting the peaceful rhythm of Lili's breathing
carry me back to sleep

About an hour later I was treated
to an encore of the hummingbird ballet
and so it went..
until I finally dragged myself out of bed about 8
retreating to the family room couch
hoping that a change of location would help...

At 8:30 when my left eye began to twitch
a little tune of it's own
I looked out the french doors
to see a thick gray blanket
of marine mist hovering low
in the backyard

By 9 I knew that I should get my ice bag
and just take the migraine pill

Lily and I curled back up together
on the family room couch
joined now by my two other poodles,
Mischa and Gaby
and we all fell fast asleep...

A few hours later
when I finally lifted my head
it actually seemed a little better!
But as I started to get up
I was joined by my friend
and after migraine meds visitor,
Icy own extra skeleton!

Although I much prefer icy bones to a migraine
I can't not marvel at the strange
and illusive feeling
that I have a double skeleton!
Icy Bones seems to be floating
above me... the eerie sensation
lasting for most of the day...

So I spent my day
with two skeletons
that danced
on hummingbird toes
and though I couldn't make a video
for YouTube
I could tell Ethan
a great story
about his Gramma's
twinkle toes and icy bones
instead of just saying
that Gramma's not feeling good...
again today...

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