Thursday, September 2, 2010


Today is my 38th wedding anniversary.
Tomorrow is the 9th anniversary of the untimely death
 of my dearest friend, my sweet Sheila.

I looked up the word anniversary
in my Synonym Finder
trying to find another sentiment
that might better express how I was feeling
and among the other words I could choose
it said red letter day...

So I am pondering
what is a red letter day...

Red is such an unpredictable colour...
there is nothing plain about red
red words are exotic...
try rolling them around in your mouth,
cinnabar, garnet, carnelian...
now taste a few...
red words are quite delicious...
cherry, raspberry, watermelon, pomegranate...
and take a risk with those spicy red words
cayenne, chili, paprika...
you can rouge your cheeks red
and stain your lips berry
hypnotize yourself with the glow of red wine

make any day extraordinary
dress it up, give it pizazz,
sparkle, some sass
make it red letter
speak only red words

Isn't that exactly what an anniversary is...
a celebration...

ps as I finish writing this I'm blowing a big lipstick red kiss skyward
    and saving one for later to kiss my love, my david j. good night

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