Wednesday, September 1, 2010

funny bunnies

most people
are as prosaic
and predictable
as rabbits

complacent in their little hutches
satisfied with the intermittent carrot
elevated by the luxury of some time
on cool green grass

these rabbits,
the bunnies
are indubitably pleasant to cuddle
stroking their glossy fur is certainly agreeable
and popular

but some rabbits
want more
than to live like bunnies

a few monotonous days
behind the hutch door
and there they are
waiting for an opportunity
to skitter off
into the trees

it's been an endless summer
not something that someone my age
says very often

it's been sad, sleepless, angry, achy,
weepy, toxic, stressful, soul searching
heart tearing, head pounding
barely breathing, MS ruling...
these are not words anyone would
associate with summer...
but this has been summer...
my summer

I think I need to stop waiting
for the opportunity
and skitter off
into the trees

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