Monday, September 27, 2010

I believe...

Before I move on, at least for now, from the topic of believing
I would like to share a list that I've accumulated over the years
of things that I believe in...

My focus might be different
if I were to write this list today
but from time to time
I like to go back
and read my list
 of I believes
and reflect...

I believe in the comfort of the familiar
and the allure of the strange.

I believe that bullshit has become an art form.

I believe that the Bronte sisters and Emily Dickinson would be feminists now.

I believe in the magic of live performance.

I believe that my children are the best part of me.

I believe that each person must believe in them self.

I believe that flirting is a lost art.

I want to believe in the moment.

I believe in pumpkins.

I believe in bubbles.

I believe that we don't need to be heroes but that we do need to be humane.

I believe in baby powder for women.

I believe that one morning I will open my mouth and out will come Barbra Streisand's voice...
even just that one morning will be okay...

I believe in sending valentines to friends as well as to lovers.

I believe that censorship is dangerous.

I believe that when I am an old lady I will finally say whatever I want.

I believe that I was the best possible me when I taught nursery school.

I believe that it's more fun to dress up and get ready for most parties
than it is to actually go.

I believe that I make great spaghetti sauce.

I believe that I am a magician with chocolate.

I believe that there are people who were rotten parents
 but make fabulous grandparents.

I believe that women should be free to choose what happens to our bodies.

I believe in destiny and past lives.

I believe in puppy kisses.

I believe that you're never too grown up
to want your parents approval and praise.

I believe that everything happens for a reason
even if we cannot understand what the reason is
at the time.

I believe in tears.

I believe that one day Scotty could beam me up!

I believe that one day I will reach up
to brush the hair out of Robert Redford's eyes...
just like that scene in the Way We Were...
I said that I've had this list for a long long time

I believe that you can wait forever
but nothing will happen until you open the door
and step out into the street.

I believe that two interlocking halves
do not always make a perfect whole.

I believe that your children need to learn
for themselves all the lessons you'd like to give
them a list of...

I believe that we can be our own guardian angels.

I believe that sometimes I experience moments
of perfect clarity...only to have those moments
float away like little dreams.

I believe that everyone needs to eat a meal
without saying the words guilt, exercise or
grams of fat...

I believe that tears are the best cleansing milk.

I believe that most women are more like their mothers
than they would like to be...

I believe that grandparents can make a difference.

I believe that pets are family members with rights
like everyone else.

I believe that ice cream is the perfect breakfast food...
it tastes terrific before and after
you brush your teeth.

I believe in old fashioned nursery rhymes.

I believe that a journal or diary is a great gift
for anyone at any age.

I believe in the magic of band aids.

I believe that you should give someone flowers
on the first day of spring.

I believe that children should be taught
how to grow things from seeds.

I believe that everything matters
nothing matters very much...

I believe that I was touched by the moon...
and that you can wish on stars...

I believe that the most precious gift I ever received
was my grandson, Ethan, my Pumpkin Boy...

I believe that having my believing list
has helped me to know myself...

Please share with me some of the things on yours...

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