Sunday, September 19, 2010


It's almost midnight
I lean back and close my eyes
but sleep is far from my thoughts
All I want to do
 is let the lushness of the hour
seep under my skin
and soak through my nightgown
like a sudden summer storm
leaving me damp and trembling
with all the possibilities of the night ahead

Yes, I am tired
Yes, I should try and sleep
but the day is finally and completely over
and all the hours between now
and morning
 belong only to me

Everything that could have happened has...
and I can't do anything else
to fix the hassles,
the problems and complaints
 of the day

I've taken all the pills
that are supposed to soothe
all of my pains
I gave myself another shot
to end another day

I learned a long long time ago
when I go to sleep too early
the night is endless...
like a nightmare I can't escape

Since childhood expectations of midnight
have spun around in our heads
conjuring dreams and magic and anything unknown

I have learned to love these still dark hours
waiting predictably before me
after every day,
the good ones
and the not so terrific

I allow myself to be enveloped
in the silvery glow of moonlight
 the magic that stirs the air
and suddenly I'm relaxed

My mind opens
my creativity feels powerful
I cast away my doubts, my fears
thinking only of possibilities
and purpose
there is no one around to say "can't or NO!"

Midnight is the little gift
I give myself each day...

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