Saturday, September 11, 2010

Russian Roulette and the Beast

Before I disappoint anyone
this is not a story about the mob...
it's just a little tale about MS
although when you think about it
MS often behaves exactly like the mafia...

Destructive, a thief, a bully...
even ruffing you up
for money
and leaving you
 alone with pain
wondering what's next

I used to think of my MS
like a game of Russian roulette
I'd wake up each morning
never knowing what to expect
I tried to remember that everyone loves surprises

and maybe some people don't

Enter the Beast...
the Beast is new in town this summer
started lurking in the shadows
a summer or two ago
but I wasn't paying enough attention
maybe I sensed a strange new presence
just couldn't be bothered
or didn't want to be
Now this intruder is glaring into my eyes

Like anyone who wants to make an impression
the Beast came bearing gifts...
fire boots of such enormous power
that I could launch myself skyward
when they begin to glow
and for my hands
the Beast has brought me gloves
that tingle and won't allow me to hold onto things
and when this game is over
my hands simply fall asleep

The Beast does not understand
how all this magic
can make me cry
and why I refuse
to let a Beast get comfortable
in my house

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