Thursday, September 9, 2010

sweet warnings

It was a rare friend who first told me about sweet warnings.

Not long after my husband bought me my walking stick,
when I was still not very used to taking it with me
and also a bit shy about having it at all,
I had lunch with some friends after our writing group.

We decided, because of parking issues, to take one car
to the restaurant. After a leisurely, noisy continuation
of our group (only with food) we left the restaurant
and went back to pick up our own cars.

As we were saying our goodbyes
this special friend who never misses a trick
inquired, "didn't you have your walking stick
at the restaurant?"

 I began to get panicky
maybe I was feeling foolish
maybe a little guilty
 because my husband had gone out of his way
 to find me a really beautiful walking stick
for the times when I needed it
and I was wondering if my subconscious
was playing silly games with me

Had I left the walking stick accidentally...on purpose...

My sweet friend offered to dash back to the restaurant
and get my walking stick...
she could obviously see that for the moment
I probably should not be driving off anywhere
in a hurry or other wise...
Another friend offered to wait with me...

As she was getting into her car
she said, "it's probably just a sweet warning..."

In what usually would have felt like forever
she returned waving my walking stick
like a magic wand

"Thank You," I hugged her,
"but what is a sweet warning?"
I had spent the whole time,
probably fifteen minutes,
that she was gone

Sweet warnings are the little things that happen
to save us from the big things that might have happened
they remind us to be careful, be patient,
to appreciate things, to slow down, to savour, to breathe

Sweet warnings also teach us 
that mistakes are OK
when we learn from them
we're not perfect
we're human

This very unusual lady has taught me many things...
One more that I would like to share now
is how she showed me to write my poems backwards...
If you think about it...
looking at the same thing from a different direction
is often a sweet warning too...

                                     Random Chances

If I were a cat
I'd have nine chances
Choices perch upon my shoulders like sparrows
I could buy a pair of scissors
if I had the exact change
He bought me perfume
when I wanted flowers

When I wanted flowers
he bought me perfume
If I had the exact change
I could buy a pair of scissors
Like sparrows choices perch upon my shoulders
I'd have nine chances
if I were a cat

ps this one is for you sweet pea...

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