Tuesday, November 30, 2010

november 30th

I really have missed writing in this cozy little space...
It's still difficult to sit here for very long but I wanted
to get back to putting my thoughts into words...

I've thought of so many different ideas that
are perfect for sharing
and eventually, I have no doubt,
that most of them will push forward
in my thoughts and dreams,
tap dance around on my brain,
scream in my ear at an inappropriate moment,
and jump forward with an independent will
thru my fingertips and onto this page.

I have been writing about these ideas
in my dreams and day dreams...
I do that quite alot...
I also write in my head when I'm taking a shower,
in a car, watching television, painting...
I'm able to see my thoughts quite clearly...
the words, the images...
exactly how it will look on a page...

This has not been the year I imagined
it was going to be...
not even close...

It still has been a year of discovery,
unexpected random kindnesses,
and the pleasure of loving
and being loved by some amazing people
and delicious dogs...

As I look towards the future,
this is something I know...


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