Thursday, April 14, 2011

it's a mad mad world...

Mad is one of those strange little words
with vast and varied meanings...
and because it is an adjective
it is also a descriptive word...
so mad is a very very powerful,
potent little word...

Just to give you a quick overview
mad can be used as...
eccentric, crazy, demented, unbalanced,
bonkers, wacko, stupid, simple-minded,
hare-brained, driveling, fanatical, muddled,
confused, giddy, provoked, irrational, reckless...
the list bounces on and on...
between the silly and the dangerous...

I've tried to keep this blog
away from that very slippery slope
of the political...
that's probably why I'm writing this today
and not last Friday...

After great consideration
I feel that it would be dishonest
not to say a few words about what almost happened...

Since the issue centered around women
and health care...
I think that both are topics
for this blog...
my blog...

The first thing that I want to say
is that until everyone in Washington
gives up their fancy designer first class
health care and has to face daily
the same challenges as those people
they claim to be representing...

As far as I'm concerned,
they are blowing hot air...

Isn't there an old saying,
"you're either with us, or against us..."

As I pondered this
the first thought that came to mind was
we are living in a mad mad world...

I think most of us feel like this recently...
We wake up each morning wondering
just how much the world has changed
from just the day before...

And with all the sources of information
in the world today
I don't know anyone
who is comfortable
believing what they hear
on the news
and taking it at face value
like most people did
when I was younger...

With that said,
I am not a political writer...
I am a personal writer,
I am a metaphorical writer,
I am a poet...

So once again,
I will use my best tools
and honour National Poetry Month
and give you my metaphorical take
on what's happening...

"What's all the ruckus?"
came a shout from the distance

A  witness recalled the moon
bent benignly over the trees
and filaments of starlight
quilted together

No I know works with a net any longer
there are three clowns somewhere
asleep in the clover
though I have it on record
from a confirmed source
that one of them
has a definite preference for petunias

You really need to think
about reexamining your life
when people start whispering
about dissatisfied clowns

It really is a mad mad world...
The question used to be,
do you want to get off?

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