Monday, June 13, 2011

claiming my spot...

I suppose that like most people
I have always been searching
for my somewhere...

Still not feeling too terrific
or sleeping as much
as I should...
it's been a tad difficult
to focus on just what I wanted
to write about...

or much of anything
if truth be told...

And any energy that I can manage
as always,
goes to Ethan first...

So when I needed a little help
I reached for my own files
as I often do...

Among the memories,
faded and bright,
something will be a bit shinier
or even noiser
on the time worn pages...

Am I too old
to be searching once again...
wanting to redefine myself...

Or is it as my friend, Michael says,
"I'm going to die with potential..."

I've thought about this
during those long opaque hours
when I should be asleep
and again, when the light is clear
and transparent...

When all is said and done...
who would chose
to be left oozing with potential...

So my search,
my journey,
my quest continues...

I went the other morning
and got as Ethan says,
"sparkly toes"

"It's like a spell, Gramma,"
he assures me...
Maybe that spell
will make my toes tingle
in a different way...

this is the little helper I found in my files
that nudged me along this particular path...

                              Sonnet of Space One

The space of where I am and where I'm not
is space of there and space of not; it's space
of colour and space of rhyme, but where's my spot?
The space of where I am and where I'm not.

The lack of space of where I am is space
of where I'm not but space of where I wish
for space to be; it's space of none, it's space
of little space and space of little trace.

The sum of space of where I am and where
I'm not, is space of total space and space
of numbered rhyme; it's space of then and space
of there, the measured space of pregnant air.

The space of where I am and where I'm not
is space of space; and space has claimed my spot.

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